JSONator ver 1.0

Finally, my third Chrome WebStore App is out and it’s called JSONator and it’s free. Is a developer tool used to generate various JSON like sample data written using pure web scripts and some CSS3. If you using flat file approach and wanted your app to share JSON like db, you can use this tool to generate your records too. Best combination is with TaffyDb any JSONDB like engine. If you Cross Platform Mobile specialist like Titanium Developer and are using my previous TaffyDB JSON Mod. This is the best tool to generate deployable flat files for you.

I still think JSONDb in flat file has a major use in mobile app development especially when the small collection of data (less than 100 record) that doesn’t even have relation as well as those that need syncing to server.

Chrome Webstore is not a dead product, but chromebook is. The Chrome Webstore is highly useful in developer tools, office web productivity tools and etc. Imagine it as using the web app without worrying about IE, or watever browser missing features. As long people, start to use chrome browser, the app in store is pretty much used and downloaded. Cheers and enjoy the tool!



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