Free HD Wallpapers For Designers

Wallpapers, are things of the past – exist since the era of classical desktop. What has changed since then; The machine and devices that choose to display it.

Device these day are capable of displaying pictures in high definition being larger than standard 1920×1080, retina and even 4k therefore. Suffice to say, device such as these don’t go well with standard old / smaller resolution wallpapers as they will be seen as low quality and to some “not sharp”.


A friend of mine once asked, where the heck did I download all those very good high quality photo realistic or abstract wallpapers? (like above)

Today, I’m gonna share just that!

Yup the site that I go very often is none than and

PicJumbo is not just a regular wallpaper site, it’s also a site for you to contribute your artwork being wallpaper and all of the wallpapers there are free for downloading and ALSO free to be used for COMMERCIAL and NON-COMMERCIAL use. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

You can also opt to contribute to the site, by offering a donation or being a member you will received first batch of latest update earlier before they got even uploaded to the site.

So there you go another goodstuff site to be bookmarked! Hope you enjoy.





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