Dealing with laptop touch screen issues

Acer Aspire R7-572g

Just a week ago before upgrading to Windows 10, I encounter a weird touch screen issue with my Acer R7 572g. It was working fine previously. If you are facing the same problem as I do, then this article may help you.

Human Interface Devices tree within Device Manager
Human Interface Devices tree within Device Manager

After hours digging around the Internet and tampering around in Device Manager. I’ve noticed for certain that the touch screen drivers is normally located at the HID (Human Interface Device) tree. I noticed the HID-complaint touch screen line is literally missing. Initial though is that my display touch sensor might be faulty and I need to send to repair – but my instinct suggested that if is that bad, then the symptom should be far worst.

After reading around, I come to a conclusion that I might be related to one of the issues with power management and screen lid being closed. Apparently, this is a bug in Windows 8 that if by rare chance; if you close your lid so fast before the power management managed to decide which key area that needs to be powered down for device sleep.

For some reason, this will cause HID touch screen to “sleep” indefinately thus, making it inactive.

Solution is pretty simple, I noticed there’s single USB Input Device located right below the list of HIDs. One of them could very be your “sleeping” touchscreen. Right click on it, go for Properties. Just uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power“. Click on OK to save and exit the popup.

All you need now is to close the lid for a while. Rewake back the PC, then restart. Your touch screen will be back refreshed and awaken!



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