Delux M618 Review | Kazujin’s Gadget

My first gadget review – my very own vertical mouse. The Delux M618. Comes with 2 variant, wired and wireless version, I preferred the wired one. Button 4 and 5 wont work in Mac by default but works for Windows as Browser back and forward. You can also program it using macro software like AutoHotkey.

Very comfortable to use once you get used to holding it and moving it about. It doesn’t take a’lot of strength to push the mouse around as the DPI is sufficient for even 4k monitor (800, 1200 and 1600).

Take a look at the actual usage footage above you will know what I mean. DPI precision is still no match to the world class gaming mouse but sufficient for my daily computing needs especially when I’m editing video or gaming for long hours.

Most of all, it is very affordable.
Lazada (wired)
Lazada (wireless)

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