Voice Commanding Ordis in Warframe Part #2 | KazuJin’s A11yLab

For those who are wondering what Voice Attack is all about. Voice attack is a PC software that allows the user to command and automate certain tasks using their voice. Almost like how we do when we use modern Siri or Google Assistance on our phone.

The Warframe Ordis Voice Pack is a series of compiled sound files used to acknowledge the user’s command given when the instruction is received. In other words, with the voice pack, we can make your PC response to you in a more natural way.

Following video a short guide follow up video on the previous one here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_GX7cbAqZU&t=20s .In case you miss the downloads https://bit.ly/3118RF4 . Don’t forget to look for a more detailed guide written by me in the document file within the same installation folder. InstallGuide – README FIRST.docx

You might need to tweak and adjust according to your PC settings. Like adding more commands with similar sounds like Wings Please, we multipart stack it with means these that is because there is a chance Voice Attack might misinterpret if I change my intonation or pace of my speech, either way, it will still get triggered. A common technique used for all VA users. And don’t forget to rebind the default keybindings to your warframe settings. E.g. ArchWing Launcher, K-Drive etc.

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