Voice Commanding Ordis in Warframe Part #1 | KazuJin’s A11yLab

For those who are wondering what Voice Attack is all about. Voice attack is a PC software that allows the user to command and automate certain tasks using their voice. Almost like how we do when we use modern Siri or Google Assistance on our phone.

The voice pack is a series of compiled sound files used to acknowledge the user’s command given when the instruction is received. In other words, with the voice pack, we can make your PC response to you in a more natural way.

Today’s video we will cover yet another interesting assistive technology for gaming – Voice recognition! Voice attack is the software that I used for my daily gaming needs. I’ve also decided to share out my Warframe Ordis Profile and Voice Pack to you guys. You may download using the link below.

Download Warframe Ordis Voice Pack
Warframe Ordis Voice Attack Voice Pack (4524 downloads)

You can follow the guide packed together with it. Look for the guide document InstallGuide – README FIRST.docx for further instruction. Note: You may need to change the keybinding settings after you have imported the profile because is defaulted to my Warframe keybindings e.g. F8 is my K-Drive launcher might not be the same as yours. So feel free to change it.

Note : If you are following my AutoHotKey tutorial, you can actually do an integrate Voice Attack to trigger an AutoHotkey Script like the scene you see in 0:33

There’s now a follow-up video here. Here

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