What is JoyToKey ? (Input Emulators) | KazuJin’s A11yLab

What is this JoytoKey ? JoytoKey is an input emulator software which maps to use my controller (usually joystick or gamepad) to the keyboard and mouse. Primarily for gamers who enjoy using joystick or gamepad to play rather than using keyboard and mouse but the games they played on PC is not compatible with gamepad etc.

Today’s video is more on Input Emulators role in assistive technology. Available here https://bit.ly/2JVBLyg . JoyToKey is not entirely free however, you may try it out for trial version and is only USD 7 bucks.

So what is this JoyToKey all about?
Very useful for one handed gaming or to those that enjoys using alternative controls rather than standard keyboard and mouse.

You can also offload some controls to VoiceAttack or make use of macros programmed using AutoHotKey.

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