PCSensor’s 3-Switch Foot Pedal | Kazujin’s Gadget

Yet another affordable gadget for accessibility goodness – a 3 pedal USB Footswitch from PCSensor ! Cost roughly around USD 20-40 depending on the promotion, you can also purchase it in Amazon or other major online shopping sites.

For example in here. (iKKEGOL is the OEM rebrand for the same PCSensor)
Lazada https://invol.co/cllvpx

Length of the USB cable is around 6 feet and the software can be downloaded here http://software.pcsensor.com/pc_en.html

FYI: my Q button in this pedal, is to trigger an AutoHotkey script available in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzWbtxt2XGM When you pair this with AutoHotKey , you can write a combination of key press sequences with it.

Software Issue / Bug Found
The software won’t work when the device is plugged into a hub instead of an actual USB port. If you encounter that your software isn’t detecting the device don’t panic. Just plug it into the USB port instead of a hub and it should work. (well at least true to the version I’m using which is 6.9.6). Note: You can replug it into any hub, after reprogramming is done.

Also to take note, I placed my pedal on a special foot rest to allow my feet to stay up in the air in a more relax manner. The foot rest is then placed on facing the wall, like the picture below. It also helps in stopping the chair from rolling over the footpedal.