Davinci Resolve 16: Crash Course for Beginners | Basics Tutorial

In this complete Davinci Resolve CRASH COURSE for beginners, I’ll teach you all the basics you need to know to start creating your first video! I’ve compiled all the tips I found when I was first getting started into one video. See how to Import, Edit, Color Grade, Edit Audio, and Export your first project and more!

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Getting Started
0:29 How to Download Davinci Resolve
1:02 Databases

Interface Overview
2:31 Interface Overview
2:48 Media Tab (Import Footage/Files)
2:55 Cut Tab
3:04 Edit Tab (Create Your Video)
3:19 Fusion Tab (Motion Effects, Graphics, etc.)
3:39 Color Tab (Color Grading)
3:54 Fairlight Tab (Audio)
4:09 Deliver Tab (Export)

Getting Started
4:40 Timeline Frame Rate
5:09 Setting Timeline Frame Rate
6:16 Importing Footage
6:22 Optimize Media
6:58 Settings for Faster Playback
7:54 Slow Motion Clips Settings

Creating a Video
8:48 Edit Tab – Making Your Video
9:57 In/Out Points for Footage Clips
10:11 Adding Video to Timeline
11:42 Adding Audio Tracks to Timeline
12:14 Timeline View Options
13:37 Labeling Video/Audio Tracks
14:05 Moving Around the Timeline
14:49 Track Icons
15:23 Fade Video
16:12 Trim/Cut Video Clips
16:55 Moving Clips on Timeline
17:01 Ripple Delete
18:03 Extend Clips
18:41 Audio Tips
19:50 Edit Clip Properties with Inspector (scale, rotate, opacity, etc.)
21:05 Keyframes
22:40 Audio Clip Properties
23:40 Zoom In/Out of Viewer
24:23 Effects Library – Transitions
25:21 Titles

Color Grading
26:44 Adjustment Clip
28:04 Nodes
30:16 White Balance
30:35 White/Black Points
32:29 Color Adjustments
32:57 Qualifier
33:15 Power Windows
33:58 Stabilizer

37:10 Fairlight Audio Tab (see additional videos on my channel)

37:49 Deliver Tab

Download Davinci Resolve here: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/

Thank you for watching!

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