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Yet another device to review. A gaming mouse Zelotes C-18 Vertical Mouse. Featuring programmable 5 buttons and a thumbstick and RGB lighting. Weighing about 20grams and cable length of 1.8 meters.

Four DPI indicator lights are configured, the first light is on 1st, the second light is on the second, and the fourth light is on the fifth (10000DPI). One light on indicates the first level, two lights on indicates the second level, all four lights on indicates the fifth level (10000DPI).

It has a build-in updatable firmware, which remembers the last programmable button configuration. This means you can safely transfer and use the mouse in another PC without installing anything and it will remember the previous configuration.

Zelotes C-18 Vertical Gaming Mouse is available here
Lazada https://invol.co/cllvq0
Lazada https://invol.co/cllvq1

Action Game in Video
Remnants of the Ashes – https://store.steampowered.com/app/617290/Remnant_From_the_Ashes/

Download drivers software from http://zelotes.cn/en/Downloads/104_14_1.html

Score Rating
– Accessibility (1 Handed Gaming) 3/5 – Although the thumbstick is reprogrammable and is an added advantage for one-handed gaming, I can’t give it a full score mainly due to the button placement. It also required some practice in muscle memory especially in placing your hands on top the mouse. I personally prefer the thumbstick to be placed lower at the left side and the mouse buttons at the side (back and forward buttons) be placed top and bottom rather than left and right.
– Portability – 4/5 Although the driver software is amateurish and poorly translated, the mouse really does remember the last applied configuration, making it whole configuration portable even if the mouse is being used in other machines without any drivers installed.
– Pricing – 3/5 I’ll award this 5/5 if their button placement are met. It would have been the ultimate vertical mouse.

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