My Voice Attack Profile for Action Games

This is a special voice attack profile, I’ve created for limited mobility users (quadriplegic, single-handed, cerebral palsy etc) so that, they can use it as a base reference to enhance their gameplay in action games. You can download from the link right here. Action Profile Pack (582 downloads)

Just unzip it in C:\ActionProfilePack for it to work then, import the VAP file into Voice Attack. Do check out my video for some real action.

Action Profile Pack is designed for games with WASD for movement, and abilities or gear triggers from key 1 – 8 like Gears of War, Warframe and Remnants of the Ashes.

Overall this voice profile is designed to cater for those who want to use voice command to offset their mobility controls. This also includes the ability to press down or hold down the key for a given period of time and then releasing it using the release command.

Like all my voice attack profiles, each command comes with audible feedback, a tiny beeping sound to indicate that voice attack recognition is successful. The audible feedback gives the user a sense of acknowledgment rather than, guessing whether their voice command went through or not.

Here is the follow up video for more details and an action packed Shroud boss fight in Remnant: From the Ashes