Using Joycon As Alternative Controller for Keyboard and Mouse

The Nintendo Switch Joycon is a very flexible controller capable of pairing to Android devices as well the PC. Today’s video is all about using how to use such a controller to play PC games as an alternative to keyboard and mouse. It involves Bluetooth pairing and using an Input emulator called Joy2Key. From here you can play almost any games for the PC and if you want to combo it with keyboard/mouse, on one hand, you can assign the button using the same Joy2Key as well.

For a tutorial on how Joy2Key works

Nintendo Switch Joycon (ones Im using) (grayish black joycon) (affordable charger for joycon)

Lazada Link (Im using) (standard ones) (charging dock)

For the cool gun case for your JoyCon to have that FPS gun experience. (Lazada)

I’m currently looking for ways to get input from gyro and accelerometer, as it will be cool for the PC or Joy2Key to pick it such reading and bind it into mouse and aiming. If you know any please comment below.

The game I’m playing with is TemTem, a trending game on Steam.

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