Ajazz AJ307 Vertical Mouse | Kazujin’s Gadget Review

The AJ307 like all vertical mouse has a natural grip that reduces muscle stretching by around 10%, making the pose more ergonomic. Comes with a noticeable thumbstick, which makes the whole mouse 7 buttons, with a DPI switcher from 600 all the way to 4800 dpi. Weights about 171 ish grams and cable length of 1.65m.

Amazon Link : https://amzn.to/35f7tEG
Lazada Malaysia : https://invol.co/cl13j4c

This mouse doesn’t come with an official programmable driver however, there’s a community actively supporting AJAZZ might be able to help you out here. https://www.facebook.com/AJazzGaming/

One thing to take note about this vertical mouse is the position of the thumbstick itself, its very close to the reach of the thumb and I have no trouble accessing the stick compared to the other mouse I’ve used before.

By default, this mouse thumbstick is mapped to Windows multimedia keys. This means we can then reprogram the multimedia keys to our liking using some software like AutoHotkey.

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