What is a LCD Drawing Tablet? | Kazujin’s Gadget

Todays gadget review is LCD Drawing /Writing Tablet. It is a plastic made, affordable (less than USD 10) mini LCD tablet which you can use to jot down stuff, sketches, writing down temporary notes like minutes, contact details during phone inquiries etc. Uses a lithium circular cell battery. Takes about 2 years lifespan. LCD Drawing Tablet us great for the kids to have their creative idea generation or can be used for office work as well. Because of its price and simplicity, it is also a great tool for written communication those having impairment/post-op injuries speech and hearing to communicate their needs to the target audience. Save a lot of paper in the process too!

Note : If you start to see your erase button unable to perform what it does. This simply means your cell battery is getting weak, try replacing it. This is because the tablet will only use the battery power when the delete feature is used.

Amazon Link : https://amzn.to/2CxU2kc
Lazada Link : https://invol.co/cllvps (Latest model with Partial Delete Feature, meaning you can use the stylus to erase like an eraser, various Sizes)

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