My SimPad Nano Review and the Rise of Artisan/Custom Key Cap

About a week ago, I released a hardware review on a smallest programmable mechanical keyboard known as SimPad Nano, see video below. The Simpad nano was originally designed as a highly competitive keypad,
for a trending anime musical game, OSU! But, due to its highly programmable features, its portability and price (roughly about USD 13 – 14), I find the Simpad Nano extremely valuable and very accessible for other computing needs in general.

I personally using programmed one to work as my OBS tiny stream deck. Below is the link to get them.

And the driver/configuration software

However, I find out that its not just the keypad that attracts interest among some of my viewers, they are also attracted to the custom / artisan keycap I used in the video.

For those that are new to the artisan/custom keycap it is a new phenomenon that sprung to the world of social media and pinterest when the mechanical keyboard meets 3d printing era. Take a look at these custom keycap I posted here. I just loved all of them. What a great artwork, every piece of them.

Links to get them. Note: I have the short tutorial on how to replace your mechanical keyboard keycap in the video above as well.

Zomo Keycap From Lazada